Drakshadi Leham – Ingredients, Uses, and Dosage

Drakshadi Leham or Drakshadi Lehayam is an ayurvedic medicinal preparation in the form of jam. It is used in treating anemia, jaundice, mal-absorption syndrome, hepatomegaly, splenomegaly etc…

Ingredients of Drakshadi Leham

Madhura Dravya (sweetening substance)

  1. Sita/Sharkara (Saccharum officinarum) – 1/2 tula (2.400 kgms)
  2. Madhu (Honey)

Drava Dravya (liquid material)

  1. Amalaki Swarasa (Phyllathus emblica) – 1 drona (12.288 liters)

Prakshepaka Choorna (powders to be added)

  1. Draksha (Vitis vinifera) – 1 prastha (768 gms)
  2. Pippali/Kana (Piper longum) – 1 prastha (768 gms)
  3. Yasthimadhu (Glycyrrhiza glabra)  – 2 pala (96 gms)
  4. Shunti (Zingiber officinale) – 2 pala (96 gms)
  5. Tugakshiri (Maranta arundinacea) – 2 pala (96 gms)

Preparation of Drakshadi Leham

One prastha of Draksha, one prastha of pippali, half tula of sharkara, two pala of yastimadu, shunti and tavakshiri are powdered thoroughly.

These powders are added to one drona of Amalaki swarasa and boiled to prepare leham. During the preperation, it should be stirred continuously and when it attains a semisolid in nature it has to be allowed to cool down.

Once the leha becomes cool one prastha of honey is added and stirred well. Then it is stored for use.

Indications of Drakshadi Leham

  1. Haleemaka (advanced stage of jaundice)
  2. Pandu roga (anemia)
  3. Kamala (jaundice)

Dosage and Adjuvants:

It should be taken one pani tala (approximately one karsha ie 12 gms) according to books. In general, it is advised 5 to 20 gms once or twice daily or as directed by the physician.

Reference :

  1. Ashtanga Hrudaya, Chikitsa Sthana, Panduroga chikitsa -16/29-31

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