Dhanwantharam Gulika – Ingredients, Uses, and Dosage

Dhanwantharam Gulika or Dhanwantharam Gutika is an ayurvedic medicinal preparation in the form of a pill. It is used in treating breathing difficulties, cough, phthisis, hiccup, vomiting, excessive salivation, and normalizes the movement of Vata.

It is considered as one of the best ayurvedic first aid medicine.

Synonyms: Dhanwantharam Gulika, Dhanwantharam Guiika, Dhanwantharam Vati, Dhanwanthari Gulika, Dhanvantari Gulika.

Ingredients of Dhanwantharam Gulika

  1. Ela (Elettaria cardamomum) – 1 part
  2. Vishva/Shunti (Zingiber officinalis) – 1 part
  3. Abhaya/Haritaki (Terminalia chebula) – 1 part
  4. Ajaji (Trachyspermum roxburghianum) – 1 part
  5. Bruhati (Solanum indicum) – 1 part
  6. Jeeraka (Cuminum cyminum) – 1 part
  7. Jinoshanam (Piper cubeba) – 1 part
  8. Bhunimba (Swertia chirata) – 1 part
  9. Rudraksha (Elaeocarpus Ganitrus) – 1 part
  10. Suradaru/Devadaru (Cedrus deodara) – 1 part
  11. Karpoora (Cinnamomum camphora) – 1 part

Drava Dravya (liquid materials)

  1. Himambu (Rosa centifolia) – Quantity Sufficient
  2. Jiraka kashaya (decoction of Cuminum cyminum) – Quantity Sufficient

Preparation of Dhanwantharam Gulika

All the ingredients are taken and crushed to made powders individually. Then the powders are sieved through a cloth and al the ingredients are taken in equal quantity and mixed together. The mixture of powder is triturated with the decoction of jeeraka andhimambu. When the mixture becomes thick in consistency pills are rolled out of the size of masha (approximately 1 gms) and dried in shade. Then the dried pills are stored for use.

Indications of Dhanwantharam Gulika

  1. Shwasa (dyspnoea, breathing difficulties, asthma)
  2. Kasa (cough)
  3. Yakshma (phthisis, depletive diseases))
  4. Hikka (Hiccough)
  5. Chardi (Vomiting)
  6. Kapha Praseka (increased salivation)
  7. Vata Anulomaka (normalizes the movement of Vata dosha)

Mode of use, Dosage, and Adjuvant

Dhanwantharam Gulika has advised 1 to 2 pills once or twice daily or as advised by the physician. The dosage can be increased according to the severity of the disease.

It is administered internally with Panasa Chhada (decoction of jack fruit leaves), Bhunimba (decoction of Andrographis paniculata), jeeraka (decoction of Cuminum cyminum).


  1. Sahasrayoga

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