Akik Bhasma – Uses, and Dosage

Akik Bhasma is an Ayurvedic herbo mineral medicine used in treating various pitta and vata diseases such as burning sensation, cough, eye disease, diseases of the head, bleeding disorders, burning sensation, burning urination, fever, etc…

The English name of Akik is Agtate (chalcedony). It is a semiprecious silica mineral (SiO2).

Ingredients of Akik Bhasma

  1. Purified fine powder of Akik (Agtate) – required quantity
  2. Kumari rasa (juice of Aloe vera) – required quantity
  3. Ketaki rasa (juice of flower of Pandanus odorifer) – required quantity
  4. Jalapippalika swarasa (juice of whole plant of Phyla nodiflora)- required quantity
  5. Kadali swarasa (juice of rhizome of Musa paradisiaca)- required quantity

The Akik bhasma is prepared by triturating purified agtate powder with the drugs 2-4 chronologically. The cakes are made after thorough trituration and dried under sunlight and then subjected to kukkuta puta by placing the cakes in a shallow earthen plate sealed by covering another plate with clay-smeared cloth. After burning is completed let it cool down. Earthen shallow plates are opened and the powder is taken out.

Akik bhasma Uses:

  • Hruddaha (Burning sensation in the heart)
  • Pitta roga (Diseases originated due to pitta dosha)
  • Vata roga (Diseases originated due to vata dosha)
  • Kasa (Cough)
  • Hrudroga(Cardiac diseases)
  • Akshi roga (diseases of the eye)
  • Shiroroga (Diseases of the head)

Dosage and Adjuvant :

125 mg to 500mg or as advised by the physician. This can be taken along with honey, and Shringavera rasa (juice of Zingiber officinale).

For pittaja disease honey, for vataja disease ashwagandha swarasa, for kasa, hrudroga, akshi, and shiroroga sringavera rasa is indicated as adjuvants


Akik bhasma should not be taken for kaphaja and vata kaphaja conditions.


  1. Rasodhharatantra, Bhasma pishti prakarana,1-4

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