AYUR MED GUIDE is an easily accessible source of information on various Ayurvedic Medicines available in the market. This service is provided to help every ayurvedic professionals as a reference site of ayurvedic medicines as well as to provide information to consumers.

AYUR MED GUIDE is started to serve both the physicians and the public for easy access to accurate information on a wide range of ayurvedic medicinal formulations along with their indication, ingredients, etc… at the fingertips in any time.

It has been a trusted source of information pertaining to:

1. Ayurvedic Medicines.

2. The composition of medicines along with their ingredients, uses, dosage, and side effects.

There are several thousands of ayurvedic medicines are available in the market, This site can help physicians as a reference place to get the details of the medicines at their fingertip.

This can also help the consumers to know their medications. An excellent resource for students who are studying Ayurveda.

AYUR MED GUIDE acts as a ready source of updated information for the medical professionals who find it tough to keep updated on all Ayurvedic medicines.

AYUR MED GUIDE has been designed keeping in mind that every user has easy access to information on ayurvedic medicines.

AYUR MED GUIDE serves as a reliable source of information to all Ayurvedic medical professionals, Students, and to consumers.

AYUR MED GUIDE aims to assist the ayurvedic medical professionals and students in updating knowledge about various medicines available in the market.

AYUR MED GUIDE will get updated to meet the increasing demands of the society about various issues pertaining to Ayurvedic medicines.

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