Arjunarishta or Arjunarishtam is an ayurvedic alcoholic preparation. It is used in treating cardiac diseases as well as lung diseases. It is also known as Parthadyarishta/Parthadyarishtam/Partharishta/Partharishtam

The ingredients Arjunarishta:

Drava dravya ( liquid material)

  1. Arjuna twak (bark of Terminalia arjuna) – 4.8 kg (1 tula)
  2. Mrudvika (Vitis vinfera) – 2.4 kg (1/2 tula)
  3. Madhuka (Madhuca indica) – 960 gms (20 pala)

Prakshepa Dravya (powder to be added)

  1. Dhataki (Woodfodia fruticosa) – 960 g (20 pala)

Madhura Dravya (Sweetening substances)

  1. Guda (Jaggery) – 4.8 kg (1 tula)

Method of Preparation :

Arjuna bark, Mrudvika, and Madhuka are taken with the specified quantity. To this 4 drona (49.152 liters) of water is added and boiled. This mixture has to boil in mild flame till the liquid portion reaches to 1 drona ie 12.288 liters.

Then the decoction is filtered and transferred to a ghee smeared earthen vessel. To this, the powder of Dhataki flower is added along with the jaggery. Then the vessel is sealed properly and kept for one month. Ater a month time it has to be filtered and used.

The Indications of Arjunarishta :

  1. Hruroga – Cardiac diseases
  2. Puppusa roga – Lung diseases
  3. Bala krut – Increases stamina
  4. Virya krut – Increases vigor

The dose of Arjunarishta:

  1. In general 15 to 30 ml or as directed by the physician.


  1. Bhaishajya Ratnavali Hrudroga chikitsa prakarana 33/75-77


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