Shadangam Kashayam – Ingredients, Uses, and Dosage

Shadangam Kashayam is an ayurvedic medicinal preperation in the form of decoction. It is used in treating pitta predominant diseases, indigestion, fever, and excessive thirst. This formulation is explained in the treatment of jwara in the Astanga hrudaya book. This preperation is also used as medicated drinking water (Paniya kalpana) popularly known as Shadanga Paniya. Here Shadanga means six ingredients and paniya means drinking water.

Other names : Shadangam Kashaya, Shadangam Paniya, Shadanga Paneeya, Shadanga Paniya

Ingredients of Shadangam Kashayam :

  1. Ghana/Musta (Cyperus rotundus) – 1 Part
  2. Chandana (Santalum album) – 1 Part
  3. Shunti (Zingiber officinale) – 1 Part
  4. Ambu/Udeechya (Coleus vettiveroides) – 1 Part
  5. Parpataka (Fumaria indica) – 1 Part
  6. Usheera (Vetiveria zizanioides) – 1 Part

Preparation of Shadangam Kashayam

All the specified ingredients are taken and crushed and made with coarse powder. Then decoction is prepared by adding water using the kashaya preparation method. Once the decoction is ready it should be filtered and used.

Indication of Shadangam Kashayam :

  1. Pachana (helps in digestion)
  2. Trishana (excessive thirst)
  3. Jwara (fever)
  4. Raktapitta (bleeding disorders)
  5. Daha (burning sensation)
  6. Atisara (diarrhea)
  7. Bhrama (delirium)
  8. Madatyaya (alcohol intoxication)
  9. Vishajanya Jwara (fever due to poisoning)
  10. Pittaja roga (pitta predominant diseases)

Mode of use, Dosage, and Adjuvants

Freshly prepared Shadangam Kashayam generally advised 1 pala (approximately 48ml). The bottled kashayam is advised 15 ml with 45 ml of water once or twice daily or as advised by the physician.

Shadangam Kashayam is also available in tablet form and the general dosage is 1 – 2 tablets once or twice daily or as advised by the physician.

It is also used as paniya kalpana (medicated water)

CAUTION: To be taken under Medical Supervision

Available forms: Shadangam Kashayam choorna, Shadangam Kashayam Tablets, Shadangam Kashaya Sookshma Choornam.


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