Kutajarishta or Kutajarishtam is an ayurvedic alcoholic preperation. It is used in treating diarrhea/dysentery alone or along with fever. Kutajarishta is also used in various other conditions associated with frequent loose stools. It also improves the digestive power and corrects the appetite.

Ingredients of Kutajarishta

Madhura Dravya (sweetening material)

  1. Gudam/Jaggary – 1 tula (4.8 kgs)

Drava Dravya (liquid material)

  1. Kutajamula (roots of Holarrhena antidysenterica) – 1 tula (4.8 kgs)
  2. Mridweeka/Drakshaa (Vitis vinifera) – 1/2 tula (2.4 kgs)
  3. Madhuka pushpa (flowers of Madhuca indica) – 10 pala (480 gms)
  4. Kashmari/Gambhari (Gmelina arborea) – 10 pala (480 gms)

Prakepaka Dravya (powders to be added)

  1. Dhataki pushpa (flowers of Woodfordia fruticosa) – 20 pala (960 gms)

Preparation of Kutajarishta

First kutaja moola, draksha, madhuuka flowers and barks of kashmarya are taken and made into coarse powder. The coarse powder is mixed along with 4 drona of water (49.152 liters) and boiled. This mixture is boiled on mild fire till the water content reduces to 1/4 quantity ie 12.288 liters. Then it is filtered and cooled.

To the decoction, the powder of dhataki flowers are added along with Jaggery and mixed well. Then the mixture is transferred to ghee smeared and fumigated earthen vessel. The vessel is sealed properly and kept in a closed room for a month time. After a month it has to be opened and liquid is filtered and stored for the use.

Indications of Kutajarishta

  1. Jwara (fever)
  2. Agnimandya (reduced appetite)
  3. Grahani (digestive problems like IBS)
  4. Raktatisara (blood mixed loose stools)
  5. Deepana (increases digestive power)

Dosage of Kutajarista :

  1. In general 15 – 30 ml or as advised by the physician.


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