Avalgujabijadi Gulika


Avalgujabijadi Gulika is also called as Avalgujabeejaadi Gulika. This tablet (gulika) is made by using Avalgujabeejaadi Choorna. It is used in treating Shwitra (Leucoderma or vitiligo). This helps in normalizing the skin color (Savarnakaranam). This has to be used only as an external application with the supervision of a physician.

Ingredients of Avalgujabijadi Gulika:

  1. Avalguja Beeja/Bakuchi (Psoralea corylifolia) – 1 kudava (192gms)
  2. Haratala (purified) – Orpiment – 1/4 kudava or 1 phala (48gms)

Indication of Avalgujabijadi Gulika:

  1. Shwitra (Leucoderma or vitiligo)

Mode of use:

  1. The Avalgujabijadi Gulika has to be ground with cows urine and applied externally.

Reference :

  1. Astanga hrudaya chikitsa sthana 20/13

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