Amalakasava or Amalakasavam is an ayurvedic alcoholic preparation which is used to treat prameha or diabetes.

Ingredients of Amalakasava

Madhura dravya (sweating substance)

  1. Madhu

Drava dravya (liquid material)

  1. Amalaki Swarasa

Prakshepa choorna (powder to be added)

  1. Haridra

As such in the Astanga hrudaya prameha chikitsa, there is no reference to Amalakasava directly but along with other preparations, it has mentioned.

Mode of preparation :

All the above-mentioned ingredients are taken together and asava is prepared.

Indication of Amalakasava:

  1. Prameha (Diabetes)

Dose of Amalakasava

  1. 15ml – 30ml or as directed by the physician.


  1. Astanga hrudaya chikitsa 12/5-6

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