Abhayarishtam – Ingredients, Uses, and Dosage

Abhayarishtam or Abhayarishta is an ayurvedic medicinal preparation. It is used in treating piles/hemorrhoids, constipation, dyspepsia. It helps in regularising peristaltic movements and helps in proper evacuation of bowel.

Ingredients of Abhayarishtam

Madhura Dravya  (sweetening substance)

  1. Guda/Jaggery (Saccharum officinarum) – 1 Tula (4.400 kgms)

Kashaya Dravya (decoction material)

  1. Abhaya/Haritaki (Terminalia chebula ) – 1/2 prastha (384 gms)
  2. Amalaki (Phyllanthus emblica) -1 prastha (768 gms)
  3. Kapitha (Limonia accidissima) – 10 palas (480 gms)
  4. Vishala/Indravaruni (Citrullus colocynthis) – 5 pala (240 gms)
  5. Lodhra (Symplocos cochinchinensis var. laurina) – 2 pala (96 gms)
  6. Krishan/ Pippali (Piper longum) – 2 pala (96 gms)
  7. Maricha (Piper nigrum) – 2 pala (96 gms)
  8. Vella/Vidanga (Embelia Ribes) – 2 pala (96 gms)
  9. Elavaluka (Prunus avium) – 2 pala (96 gms)

Prakshepaka Choorna (powder to be added at last)

  1. Dhataki (Woodfordia fruticosa) -1 prastha (768 gms)

Preparation of Abhayarishtam

Half prastha of Abhaya twak (outer portion of the fruit), one prasthsa of Amalaki, ten pala of kapitha, five pala of vishala, two pala of lodhra, maricha, pippali, Vella and elavaluka are boiled in vaha ( 49.152 liters) of water.

The decoction is prepared by reducing the water content to the quarter part. Then the decoction is filtered and mixed with one Tula of jaggery and one prastha of dhataki.

This mixture is transferred to an earthen pot smeared with ghee inside and has to be sealed tightly. This pot has to be kept undisturbed for a fortnight and then it can be opened and used.

Indication of Abhayarishtam

  1. Agni vardhaka (increases digestive power)
  2. Gudaja/Arshas (piles/hemorrhoids)
  3. Grahani (a variety of digestive disorders/?IBS)
  4. Pandu (anemia)
  5. Kushta (skin diseases)
  6. Udara (abdominal enlargement)
  7. Gara (a variety of  poisoning)
  8. Jwara (fever)
  9. Shwayathu (edema)
  10. Pleeha (splenic disorders)
  11. Hrudroga (cardiac problems)
  12. Gulma (abdominal tumors)
  13. Yakshma (depletive disorder/tuberculosis)
  14. Vami/Chardi (vomiting)
  15. Krimi (worm infestation)

Dosage and Adjuvant :

In general, it is advised 15 to 30 ml once or twice daily or as directed by the physician.


  1. Astanga Hrudaya Chikitsa Stana, Arsha Chikitsa 8/64-68
  2. Bhaishajya Ratnavali Arsha roga chikitsa 9/175-180

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